Peacock Makeover- refreshing and brightening a painting

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Today I’m sharing someone else‘s art and then sharing how I changed it into something that fit my space a little better.

So I bought this peacock painting for a niche in our new house. I am just eager to get a few spaces filled so I can work on organizing, so then I can get back to painting some of my own. But anyway, when I got the peacock to its cozy little home, there was something it needed. It just seemed lost, and needed some pizazz!

So I got to work painting and adding some more color in the background. I wanted to stay with the color scheme it already had going, so basically wants background, cool peacock;)… get it? Ok ahem, moving on…from dumb puns…

I got to work adding some texture with warm colors.

Then I added some glitter- yes glitter! Here are some photos of some of the paints I used:

I started with these two pairings. I just love these paints by Mondo Llama, and especially the names- makes it even more fun to use! Fresh squeezed lemonade? Juicy Watermelon? Yes please! Ok break from painting to grab some watermelon….

Then added a third… peony petal.

But I wasn’t satisfied yet so…

I added some Tart Grapefruit. But… you guessed it! I still wasn’t completely sold on how it was turning out so I added…

Summer Strawberry! ok done adding colors!

Now for the glitter, I used this Glitterific paint.

A lot of our house decor is very classic and clean lines, with neutral colors, where I like adding in some pops of color and sparkle in some small but significant places like this niche.

The gold frame didn’t go with our decor since we have a charcoal couch, as well as black and white in many places. So I changed the frame to silver and added a touch of sparkle there as well. As you can see I painted the frame first, then the peacock. Then at the end, I touched up any parts of the frame I may have gotten unwanted paint on.

After I was finished, I put him in the niche, nailed him up, and put the vase with these faux flowers there to keep him company.

Depending on where you’re standing affects how the light hits the glitter. I love that the same painting can be subtle from some places and a bold statement from other places.

Buuuut, then I just felt that the background was a little too bold and contrasting, making it compete with Mr. Peacock rather than complementing it. So I added some whites, light blues, and greens.

It was time for hanging! I used this kit to hang- super easy and quick!

so I got it hung and…. Still something wasn’t quit right.

My daughter saw it and instantly said it looked bad. She was right. She also has a great eye for detail! She said it needed some more of of the colors I had covered up too much which was what I’m calling spicy coral- it was a mixture.

I didn’t come up with the name, Spicy Coral- it’s the color of this rug behind our couch. It’s this rug and it is in view when you’re walking down the hallway by the niche. It’s nother one of those pops of color statement pieces that I live and wanted Mr. Peacock to get along with.

So I got busy mixing 2 colors from Mondo Llama to match our spicy coral rug and Voilà!

Ahhh! Now all is right with the world- er, Mr. Peacock at least.

I appreciate the artist’s concept who originally painted this peacock but for this space I just needed to make a few changes.

I‘m very pleased with the way it turned out… I think I’ll keep Mr. Peacock for a while. I hope this has inspired you to make something new out of something you like but don’t quite love. Add some pizzazz and make it a good fit for YOU.

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