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Dreams to Realities

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A dream that began as an abstract thought years ago, finally took a realistic turn when I decided to give myself permission to dream. Yes - permission to dream.

Sometimes you feel held captive by the season of life you're in. Even though dreams are embedded in your heart, they seem out of reach- dreams that could never become concrete realities.

That's what happened to my dreams. They would stay abstract, held captive in a corner of my mind. And like those dreams, in most cases captivity is a state of mind that disables you from pursing your dream, but I have found that even when physical limitations are closing in around me, there's always been the escape route of the mind. Our mind is powerful, but we take it for granted. We don't fully access the depths of how it can affect us- good or bad. If we are not accessing it's depth, we are placing limitations on what we can accomplish. Once we are aware of our thoughts, the directions they can lead us and the influence they have on our lives, we can achieve magnificently positive peace, and feel confident pursuing our dreams as realities waiting to be explored.

When I grow up I want to be a kid again.

As a child mind was not held captive.

I was free and fearless to be me.

Success is a state of mind.

My mind was held captive by letting fear control my reach. Outside persuasions about what my life should look like outweighed my dreams. Essentially I was letting outside influences determine the status quo for my life. My dreams of bringing out the inner me- artistic, creative, adventurous, simple, peaceful, dreamer, realist- were temporarily suspended from progress. I was hindered from developing my potential. In our society, it is expected that people fit into a certain mold.

However, we are uniquely created by a complex God. There are no boundaries on who we can become. We just need to BEcome, exploring who we are in relation to who He is. As we go through seasons of change, we must acknowledge Him, and he will direct our path. My favorite two verses tell us this: (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Instead of being confident in Him, I was afraid for a season.

But, even through fear, He remains in control .

I desire different. To be true to myself... that childhood spirit- simple, creative, adventurous, quiet but confident girl, who sees the good in the world and gravitates toward it. The girl who sees the good in the world and exhibits it in her works -of art and writings.

I had let fear creep in.

But one day, when my desire to make my dreams become realities exceeded my fear, I began to pursue my dreams.

Bringing things of beauty from outside in and out again, not holding them captive in my mind, but sharing them with the world. Through my artistic works and writings, I will reignite the fire of life that was once held captive, and bring positive vibes and inspiration to the world. Welcome to cloud9abstract, where I'm on cloud 9 creating my dream-- sharing abstracts of the magnificent simplicities of life.

-where the beauty of everyday life and dreams is displayed through writings and works of art-

(image coming soon)

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